Dad | ML Engineer | Technical Instructor | Consultant | Community Builder

Hi! I’m Alex.

I am an ML engineer by trade and a physicist by degree. I’ve lived in different parts of the world and am currently based in Montreal, 🇨🇦. I speak English, Russian, and un peu de français.

I am also a husband and a dad to two wonderful toddlers 👧🏻👦🏻.

Occasionally, I find time to:

Work with me

I am available for consulting and training engagements.

Organizations I’ve worked with include: McKinsey & Company, Concordia Bootcamps, Splunk, BloomTech, TripleTen, O’Reilly Media, and others.

  • Aaron Gallant, former DS Program Manager at BloomTech (formerly Lambda School):

    I first worked with Alex Kim when I hired him as the inaugural instructor for the part-time Data Science program at Lambda School (now known as BloomTech). Alex brought excellent technical skills: he was always professional, well-prepared, and highly reliable (critical for a program in a period of growth). In addition, he is both flexible and pragmatic - he taught different cohorts across all four units of the program, enhancing and supplementing existing materials. As the program grew, we hired additional instructors, but Alex continued to be one of my “go-to” resources due to his well-roundedness and reliability. Two main principles inform Alex’s approach to learning: 1) is it genuinely useful/relevant in the industry, and 2) is it approached in a way accessible to students (clear examples, clean narrative)? I’ve seen him apply this philosophy to both teaching and curriculum development, and, as a result, he consistently receives positive reviews from students. In addition to the quality of his work, Alex is a considerate and congenial colleague: he’s always proactive and responsive in communication and coordination. I also had the pleasure of working with Alex at Practicum, where he exhibited all the same characteristics. The structure of the program and nature of the work had some notable differences (more focus on curriculum than instruction), and I would suggest that this shows Alex has the general skills needed to succeed in a variety of pedagogical contexts. I would happily hire Alex again in the future and advise you to do so if you have the chance.

  • Kevin Khoury, CEO of Journey Education and Concordia Bootcamps:

    My name is Kevin Khoury, and I am the Founder and CEO of Journey Education and Concordia Bootcamps. We create educational programs that help people transition into careers in technology. Several years ago, we hired Alexander Kim to help launch our first Data Science Immersion program. Since Alex is very well integrated into Montreal’s Data Science community, we hired him to help us find our first instructors. Alex created our interview structure and questions for instructors and attended all interviews. He provided open and honest feedback, which helped us find the right people to run our program. Additionally, he audited our curriculum and course materials to ensure they were up to par with industry standards. Alex was a huge help in getting this program off the ground, and a big part of its success today can be attributed to him. For any questions about Alex’s work with Journey Education, you can contact me directly by email at

  • Anton Eremin, Co-founder and CPO of Practicum:

    My name is Anton Eremin, and I’m a co-founder and CPO of Practicum. We help people to reskill and kick off a career in tech. Alex was a Data Science Curriculum lead on our team for a year. His excellent technical experience and pedagogical approach helped us develop new content for our learning platform, aligning our curriculum updates with the industry expectations and feedback from graduates. Alex always knew how to prioritize what was important to our company and our students. Considering he was working with us part-time, the impact of his work was massive. Additionally, his attitude and willingness to help others and provide his outlook on the situation were very welcome, as he became an important stakeholder, consulting the product team on a wide variety of instructional and product design developments. We were sad to see Alex go, but I can confidently recommend him. If you have any follow-up questions, you can contact me directly at

  • Ruslan Kuprieiev, Founding Engineer at

    Alex is not only amazing at understanding complex user scenarios and suggesting elegant solutions, but can also effortlessly condense everything down, communicate, and explain it to other teams within the company. He helped my team to understand complex high-level scenarios on multiple occasions, which helped unblock our progress. Alex also has an excellent work ethic and it is an overall great pleasure to work with him professionally and personally.